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    Dr Belinda works part time at Blackbutt including most Wednesday evenings and the odd Saturday. She fits this in with running after 2 busy boys, which combined with her past experience in Paediatrics means she has plenty of experience to help you with any concerns about your child.

    She has extensive experience in Women’s Health, having previously worked at Family Planning for over 10 years and now offers insertions of IUDs (Mirena & Copper) as well as Implanon within the surgery. Its not all about preventing a pregnancy – she can see you if you’re planning one, having

    She is passionate not only about working to improve the health of the community one on one but also through system improvements & innovation and holds a number of roles including being on the Board of the local Primary Health Network, GP Advisor to Agency Clinical Innovation & NSW/ACT NSW State Faculty Member.

    Dr Amir Taghaddos